Trustless deposits

Right now, when you start up a minipool, your node has to be in custody of 8-16 ETH for a short time period. This can be problematic if the “money guy” who provides the funds doesn’t trust the “it guy” who operates the rocketpool stack.

Rocket Pool could support a two-step minipool creation process where the IT guy creates an empty minipool and the money guy deposits the 16 ETH to that minipool (instead of the node address). When this deposit happens, the other half can be deposited by the pool as ususal.

(A slightly similar process already exists for staking RPL on behalf of a node operator.)


There is no need for the IT guy to control the node wallet and have custody of the eth. They only need the validator key.

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Nonetheless, I think something like deposit-on-behalf would be a simpler construct. It doesn’t seem too difficult to execute either.


hmm i haven’t thought of that, tho this still requires that the money guy figures out how to operate a node wallet.

@Valdorff you mean it’s the money guy’s txn is what creates the minipool on behalf of the node? but then the money guy needs the validator key’s signature from the IT guy, right?

Anyway, making sure the 16 ETH spends zero seconds in the custody of the node operator would make acquiring funds to create a minipool even easier and could help with satisfying rETH demand. It could also enable a fractional node operator protocol built on top of rocket pool that spins up a contract for funding a minipool (that also acts as a reward distributor / withdrawal address). this is obviously very stupid (just buy rETH dude), but nonetheless possible.

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It’s really only important for small agreements. A protocol built on top can escrow no problem.

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