Trying to run rocketpool minipool exit while not synced

I am operating a node and now the EC is out of sync. I want to do a rocketpool minipool exit, but it is saying i have to be in sync to do that. What are my options?

Can you explain why you’re trying to do an exit? You realize that withdrawals are unavailable for Ethereum so you will not yet be able to access funds, right?

In any case, I’d suggest heading to the #support channel in for help.

I thought post-merge withdrawals would be available. I am having a TON of trouble syncing with Nethermind (very very very slow connection speeds) with my EC and wanted just to go a different direction. Any suggestions there would be appreciated as well…

The merge didn’t enable withdrawals, that’s a separate (future) hard fork.

The folks in #support are very knowledgeable and can help guide you based on the errors you’re seeing, your hardware, etc. Other options include using a VPS or paying allnodes to run your minipool for you. You can also exit, which would stop you from accruing penalties, but wouldn’t get you your principal back until withdrawals.

At a guess withdrawals will be enabled Q1/Q2 of next year.