Unstake RPL from node

I used Allnode service to create minipool. I deposited required RPL amount but then I saw message that there are about 2k nodes in queue. So I decided not to continue with the node creation. Now I want to unstake RPL tokens but I cannot find how to do it.

I’d recommend contacting Allnodes support, however keep in mind that there is a 28 day wait period to unstake the RPL

You should be able to do this on etherscan directly.

Check RPL staked for your node address: https://etherscan.io/address/0x0d8D8f8541B12A0e1194B7CC4b6D954b90AB82ec#readContract#F8
Copy that number.

Withdraw by connecting your node wallet on etherscan and using this function (put in the number you copied above) https://etherscan.io/address/0x0d8D8f8541B12A0e1194B7CC4b6D954b90AB82ec#writeContract#F5

Allnodes support suggested the same but what I get is the following:

2k in gas fees? It doesn’t look right. Again, Allnodes support just believes it’s some type to glitch and encourages me to try again. But I get this error for several days now. Tried different browsers.

I’m stuck.

When did you stake your RPL? You can not unstake for 28 days after your last stake, that means an unstake transaction before that time would fail and I believe that is what Metamask is displaying.

Thanks, that must be the reason b/c I staked less than 28 days ago.

typically you will see these absurd gas fees in the UI when attempting to perform an invalid tx - I believe you determined its invalid since you staked fewer than 28 days ago.