Upcoming events where can Rocket Pool can send representatives

I’d like to start the topic for any upcoming events that Rocket Pool can send either team members or community members to represent Rocket Pool. This could be with a booth, swag, or speaking engagements.

Here are some ideas from the ETHFinance daily thread:

May 17-19 - Blockworks - Permissionless - Blockworks Blockworks: “PERMISSIONLESS” Conference

June 17-26 - :desert_island: Hodlercon Hawaii :beach_umbrella: - "A decentralized vacation for the members of ETHFinance and ETHStaker

July 19-21 - ETHCC - https://ethcc.io/ - " The Ethereum Community Conference is the largest annual European Ethereum event."

2022 ETHGlobal Events Schedule

:netherlands: ETHAmsterdam (April 22–24)

:dollar: HackMoney (May)

:statue_of_liberty: ETHNewYork (June 24–26)

:file_folder: HackFS (July)

:mexico: ETHMexicoCity (August 19–21)

:globe_with_meridians: ETHOnline (September)

:bridge_at_night: ETHSanFrancisco (November 4–6)

:taiwan: ETHTaipei (December 2–4)

:colombia: ETHBogota (Q4 2022)


I can likely make it to ETHSanFrancisco, and would be willing to help as a community member, either by distributing merch and/or manning a booth


I recommend we have designated community members to do speaking engagements at some of these events. This raises awareness to our direct target market. The speeches are uploaded to YouTube which we can promote via social media/reddit. This is free marketing with huge upside. Let’s not waste these opportunities.


From a team perspective, we will be attending events this year. We can’t guarantee until we lock them in but here are our thoughts atm.

ETHAmsterdam / DevConnect (https://devconnect.org/) - highly likely (will know more over the next two weeks)
ETHNewYork - possible
DevCon - possible

We can update this post as we lock events in. I agree that we should have a strong team and community presence. Help with booths is much appreciated.

If we end up going to ETHNewYork or DevCon we will definitely seek to present.


I can confirm that the team will be attending ETHAmsterdam / DevConnect. We will be sponsoring the ETH Staker event and hope to have a booth. :fireworks: