Valdorff for Rocket Scientist

@Valdorff should be given the Rocket Scientist role in Discord.

He is constantly contributing by

  • Engaging in and starting important discussions in Discord and here in the forums
  • Helping people in Discord
  • Creating (10 and 11) and contributing to RPIPs

He is an important omnipresent figure in the Rocket Pool community and is constantly helping the protocol.

Couldn’t believe my eyes when I realized he currently is just as white as me (in Discord that is :wink:).


I’m in favor of this. Val’s been a member of the community for a while now, and his engagement has ramped up considerably.

I considered including him in my last post with nominations, but decided he was still a bit new (he joined the discord in April, ~3 months before my post).

At any rate he has done a stunning amount of work both behind the scenes and not.

I would still be keen on the notion of a rubric for the role, though, given that the number of people deserving of recognition within the community is spiraling out of control (in the best way possible)

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