Verso mobile wallet to integrate Rocketpool

Hello everyone, Verso team has already integrated Ethereum and Polygon and is happy to integrate staking via Rocketpool, hence applying for a grant.

To answer the requested questions:
Why is this important for RP?
What problem does this solve? What is the expected outcome for RP?
->In order to acquire users, RP needs to be integrated in mobile wallet with intuitive UI such as Verso.
Full Description
How is this implemented? Who is involved? Are there any trade-offs to consider?
->Verso is a cross chain mobile wallet with 50k+ downloads and 200+ tokens available to be tracked. It allows swaps, easy onramp without KYC and to get gift cards from 1000+ online merchants such as Amazon.
The team is involved in the blockchain ecosystem for 6 years, Hervé Hababou being an experienced business leader and Vidal Chriqui being an experienced CTO (both 20 years of experience).
Estimated cost (denominated in RPL)
Is this a grant or a one-off bounty? How much would it cost to put into place? and how much to maintain?
->It would be a one-off bounty of 15k$ and Verso team would ensure to maintain it.