Was I being scammed on Discord?

I have just built my first RP validator. I subscribed to Discord with the hope of reaching out to someone for technical help. I had a friend request from rocketpool247 complete with the rocketpool logo so I started chatting however I didn’t feel confident with the conversation and especially being called sir at the end of each message. I was also asked to speak to the “support member” directly but I chose to stay with text chat. I have blocked that person for now until I can verify this was genuine. I am new to Discord and don’t want to give out information to a scammer. Is rocketpool247 user for real?

That is a scammer. Thank you for reporting! Our support is composed of community volunteers and they will NOT seek you out. You can find them in #support, and almost everything should be done publicly, not by DM.

Thank you for your reply.
Knowing that I can be targeted by a scammer that easy is quite scary. Where can I get support and how can I check to be sure it’s from the real support team?

BTW for a Windows guy like me I found the Rocketpool docs accurate and informative and it gave me confidence when I was setting up my Linux validator. Cheers!

Hey! So I’m just a community member, like the people who run support (except they are way smarter). There is no way to tell who is honest, so the best policy is to ask everything on the public discord chat, don’t use private messaging, and don’t volunteer personal information. Scammers in the open are really quickly caught caught by the mods.

On the Rocket Pool discord, the channel list on the left of the screen has a ‘chat’ category.
Within that:
#general is great for newcomers- most questions about how the protocol works can be answered there
#support is for more technical questions, or troubleshooting something wrong with your node.
#trading is the lifeblood of the community, it’s frequently off-topic but is also by far the most active part of the discord, and is where most great (and terrible) ideas start.

It sounds like you probably want #support.
I would link that, but… I wouldn’t advise people click on links from people they don’t know.


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