Welcome to the Rocket Pool forum!

Welcome to the Rocket Pool forum!

Rocket Pool is Ethereum’s premier decentralised staking protocol.

This forum is dedicated to Rocket Pool governance discussions; improvements, ecosystem integration, growth, education, protocol parameters, and more.

New to Rocket Pool?

If you are new to Rocket Pool, check out these resources:
Website: https://rocketpool.net
Medium: https://medium.com/rocket-pool
Twitter: https://twitter.com/Rocket_Pool
Documentation: https://docs.rocketpool.net/
Discord: https://discord.gg/rocketpool

How do I get involved?

Participate in the conversation. Suggest a topic. Always keep the discussion respectful.

We have created some categories to guide the conversation these are:

  • Governance - meta topic on how Rocket Pool gets stuff done
  • Liquid Staking Experience - explore how we can improve liquid staking experience
  • Node Operator Experience - explore how we can improve node operator experience
  • Community - explore how we support the community
  • Education - explore education opportunities, advocacy, and guides
  • Growth - explore marketing opportunities and partnerships
  • Integration - explore ecosystem integration opportunities
  • Grant / Bounties - proposals for grants and bounties

Does Rocket Pool have a roadmap?

It sure does! Check out the current plans for the future here:
Medium: Where we are, and what’s to come

How do I know what the team are working on?

The Rocket Pool core team publish updates on a regular basis under the “Development Updates” category. They also hold regular Twitter spaces to go over progress and for Q&A (see Rocket Pool Twitter for more information).