Where to see the APR rewards?

Hi Everyone,

Suppose I have staked 10 ETH on RocketPool from where stackers can see the APR rewards like in Lido (screenshot from Lido)

Rocket Pool staked ETH (rETH), unlike Lido stETH, is not a rebasing token. Instead, the value of rETH increases daily with respect to ETH. You can view its current redemption value on the rocket pool website https://stake.rocketpool.net/. Look for the line titled “Exchange rate”

Alternatively, you can look at the market valuation of rETH by looking at the token on coingecko and switching the base unit from fiat to ETH. Currently, because of the demand for rETH, it is trading at a premium compared to its protocol serviced exchange rate.

THANK YOU KEN :index_pointing_at_the_viewer: You are the Man !

We have implemented this into the stake website, you can find more information in this medium post: