Where's the need for the 150% RPL unstaking threshold?

Hey guys,

can someone explain to me the logic behind the 150% threshold for unstaking RPL? I searched the docs/guides and this forum, but couldn’t find any reason for this very high barrier.

For small scale node operators with just the minimum of 10% in RPL collateral this basically means, they can only access any of their RPL stake by exiting all their validators. This acts as a pretty big disincentive for home stakers running a RP node, in my opinion.

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As it happens, there is a big discussion right now in the discord about RPL tokenomics, including this threshold. The debate is whether this friction helps or hurts protocol growth and thus RPL price.

Some people believe, or did in the past at least, that this lock up of RPL makes RPL “scarce” and drives the RPL/ETH ratio up. I’m not sure as many people see it that way, anymore. A growing sentiment is that there should be freedom to move RPL where it can help the protocol (for example, making more minipools), should you desire.

If you want the bloody details, come to the discord. It’s an ongoing and lively debate.