2023-03 IMC Members Selection

Hi All,

We will be selecting:

  • Nine IMC members (the full committee)

In order to help inform your choices, please refer to:

  • IMC nominee statements in IMC Nomination Thread
  • Supplementary hard metrics spreadsheet
  • You may also ask questions of nominees - I suggest doing that in this thread so others can benefit from the discussion

Per RPIP-10:

  • For full voting process, see the “Management Committee Selection” section of RPIP-10.

Per RPIP-18 (or similarly per RPIP-10 update if that passes):

  • Vacancies that occur get filled by going down the list from previous selections. The main impact here is that it may still be worth giving vote power to folks you consider capable, even if they don’t make it to the top nine.

I wanna be on there, because I care!

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