Call For GMC Administrator Applications

During the April 2023 awards period the GMC approved a bounty for GMC administrator submitted by Caluduran. The GMC recently requested feedback from the community on how to facilitate an efficient hiring and management of this role. [link] The GMC now openly welcomes all individuals interested in this position to apply. Kindly review the position details provided below for further information:

The GMC Admin position will have the following job responsibilities:

  • Develop and expand the process and intricate details pertaining to a more comprehensive GMC administrator position.
  • Primary liaison for all applications and ongoing projects.

This will be an interim position lasting approximately three months. During this period, the administrator will develop and propose a detailed plan for a newly revised role with expanded responsibilities, processes, tenure, performance evaluation, and compensation, among other aspects. Additionally, they will advance the implementation of RPIPs (retro cap, rolling awards, and GMC admin). The interim position will conclude once a candidate is selected for the newly revised GMC admin position introduced through an RPIP.

The compensation for this role will remain the original amount of $1250 per month in USD, as stated in the initial bounty.


To apply for this position, please provide an application statement in response to this post.

As you prepare your application statement for the GMC Administrator role, we kindly request that you begin by introducing yourself. Please provide your Discord username, and a brief overview of your background or current professional position.

In your application statement, we would like you to address your suitability for the GMC Administrator role. Explain why you believe you are well-suited for this position, highlighting specific skills, qualifications, or attributes that align with the job responsibilities. Additionally, we encourage you to provide specific examples of relevant experiences that demonstrate your qualifications for the role. Share instances where you have successfully developed comprehensive positions or procedures, managed application processes, or coordinated multiple projects effectively.

Furthermore, we invite you to include any other relevant information that you deem important for the GMC Selection Committee to know about you. This could include additional skills, certifications, or accomplishments that showcase your ability to excel in the GMC Administrator role.

The GMC looks forward to reviewing everyone’s application. Applications will be accepted for seven (7) days. The GMC will make a decision within seven (7) days of the application period closing.

(Since ShfRyn currently has an active application, it is necessary for them to recuse themselves from reviewing or providing feedback on any other applications.)


I am submitting this updated application in response to the revised job description, which now aims to establish an interim position that develops a further expanded role. My original application can be found here [link]. I have made updates to align my application accordingly.

Hey, I’m ShfRyn, a 32-year-old node operator with a strong focus on RPL holdings. I bring a wealth of experience in web design, development, and online marketing. Throughout my career, I have specialized in business development, process building for a web development agency, and effectively coordinating employee development. Additionally, I hold a Scrum Master certification, further demonstrating my expertise in project management methodologies.

I initially joined the GMC in March. I took the initiative to assume administrative duties and provide crucial support in various areas. This expanded my responsibilities to include becoming a community liaison, updating and organizing spreadsheets, facilitating meetings, and driving governance initiatives, such as implementing rolling awards and retro cap adjustments. Over the past few months, I dedicated approximately 2 hours daily to successfully fulfill these responsibilities.

Understanding Of The Role
Having actively performed the GMC admin role, I possess a unique understanding of its intricacies and challenges. This firsthand experience equips me with a comprehensive perspective, making me highly qualified to contribute effectively to its further development. Here is my plan to document and enhance the role:

  1. Development and Implementation of Governance Initiatives

    • Enhancing the rolling awards system to optimize efficiency and effectiveness.
    • Implementing adjustments to the retrospective awards cap to improve accounting efficiency.
  2. Creation of an Administrative Processes Handbook

    • Establishing a comprehensive schedule encompassing payments, awards, nominations, and other GMC events.
    • Defining communication standards across platforms such as the DAO forum and Discord.
    • Establishing clear consensus guidelines for committee members when making different decisions.
    • Designing an onboarding process for new committee members and GMC admins.
    • Establish a comprehensive framework that outlines the GMC members’ involvement and contributions, enabling the community to gain transparency into each committee member’s specific activities.
    • Outlining the expanded GMC admin role responsibilities, including:
      • Ensuring equitable participation and fostering respectful discussions within the committee.
      • Maintaining accurate records and documentation, including scoring processes and relevant spreadsheets.
      • Leading discussions and drafting official GMC statements and proposals on the DAO forum.
      • Effectively communicating with members and the wider community.
      • Providing timely reminders for deadlines and important action items.
      • Collaborating with the community to enhance GMC processes and communicating improvements effectively.

If given the opportunity to serve in this position, I am committed to facilitating unbiased and fair discussions. To avoid any conflicts of interest, I am prepared to relinquish my voting power. During my term, I would be committed to actively seek recommendations and requests from the GMC to continuously refine and optimize my proposed blueprint for the expanded role.


I think you’d be a great candidate for this position.

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The application window for the position of GMC Administrator has now closed, and the GMC is pleased to announce that ShfRyn has been selected for the role.

I, ShfRyn, am thrilled and grateful for this opportunity. Effective immediately, I have made the decision to relinquish my voting power. Per RPIP-10, the following will take effect until the seat is filled:

If a vacancy occurs within six months of the previous selection, the next highest vote recipient from the previous election SHALL be offered the seat, with the MC going down the list of vote-receiving nominees until the position is filled.

The offered seat SHOULD be accepted or rejected within 1 week; if it is rejected, or there is no response, the MC SHALL continue down the list.

As previously discussed, I will be spearheading three important initiatives: modifying the retrospective award cap, implementing a rolling awards cycle, and expanding the GMC Administrator’s responsibilities.

In addition, I will be taking on liaison duties, and documenting and building a robust process for the GMC Administrator role further. Throughout this process, I greatly appreciate and value the feedback from our community.

Together, we can make significant strides in improving the GMC and ensuring its continued success. :tada: