Personal GMC Administrator Application

I am excited to submit my application for the GMC Administrator position. As a current GMC member and participant in the second round, I have gained a deep appreciation for the amount of work that goes into keeping the GMC running smoothly. With members from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and timezones, there is a constant need for coordination, documentation, and effective communication.

I am eager to take on the responsibility of organizing the GMC and building upon the strong foundation established by Calurduran. Specifically, I am confident in my ability to perform the following duties with excellence:

  • Facilitating grant and bounty development, providing prompt and accurate updates to the community on their status, and addressing questions and concerns that may arise.
  • Ensuring that all members of the committee have a voice in meetings, and moderating discussions to maintain a respectful and productive environment.
  • Maintaining accurate records and documentation, including spreadsheets and other documents related to the application scoring process.
  • Drafting and leading discussions for official GMC statements and proposals on the dao forum, and communicating effectively with members and the wider community.
  • Providing timely reminders to committee members regarding deadlines and other important action items.
  • Collaborating with the community to enhance the GMC, and effectively communicating any improvements and modifications to its processes.

In addition to these duties, I have several plans for improving the efficiency and effectiveness of the GMC. For example, I plan to create a private and secure web interface that can track and record important information on grantees and projects. I aim to establish a formal onboarding process for new committee members, to ensure that they have the resources and support needed to excel in their roles. I also aim to establish a comprehensive framework that outlines the GMC members’ involvement and contributions, enabling the community to gain transparency into each committee member’s specific activities.

If selected for this position, I am committed to facilitating discussion in an impartial and fair manner. I am committed to relinquishing my voting power to avoid any conflicts of interest. I am open to any recommendations or proposals from the GMC to increase or modify the scope I have outlined. I am eager to work collaboratively with all members to ensure the continued success of the GMC.


Looks good to me. Do we have a procedure for this? Vote, RPIP…