GMC 2023/08/01-2023/08/31 Treasury Report

Hello everyone. The GMC has not received their payment this period. vacalaranja has asked about this in Governance - Rocket Pool Governance.

Here is a link to the treasury sheet -

The headline numbers from the GMC’s activity in August are as follows:

Funds at Start Actual Inflows Actual Outflows Funds at End
60207.27 0.00 14,673.98 45533.29

The GMC paid for 6 grants, 2 bounties, and 32 retrospective awards in August.

In response to the sentiments expressed by the community and the internal discussions within the GMC, a decision has been reached to reevaluate the RPL amount for awards in specific scenarios. Additional information on this matter is available for your reference here. As a result of this change, the calculation of Committed Future Funds has been eliminated from the table.

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