GMC Administrator Position (Apply Aug 8 - Aug 21)

Update: The 14-day application window has now opened.

To apply, interested candidates are invited to respond to this post with their applications from August 8, 2023, 1:00 PM UTC, until August 22, 2023, 12:59 PM UTC.

Please note, the outcomes of the process are only valid if RPIP-26 passes.

Position Overview

The GMC Administrator serves as the primary facilitator for the GMC’s operations. This is a part-time position, with an expected time commitment of 3 hours/day. The time commitment per day can greatly vary, ranging from under 2 hours on slower days to over 4 hours during busier periods.

Position’s Responsibilities

  • Meeting Coordinator / Scheduler - Ensuring equitable participation and fostering respectful discussions within the committee. Providing timely reminders for deadlines and important action items.
  • Awards Facilitator - Facilitating the rolling awards process. Maintaining accurate records and documentation, including scoring processes and relevant spreadsheets.
  • Spokesperson - Leading discussions and drafting official GMC statements and proposals on the DAO forum. Collaborating with the community to enhance GMC processes and communicating improvements effectively. Reporting to the community regularly on committee member activity.
  • Grants and Bounties Liaison - Effectively communicating with members and the wider community on the cultivation of individual grants, and bounties. Verifying work has been completed before payments are sent.
  • Treasurer - Maintaining treasury sheet, verifying project payment status’, creating a json file for transactions, publishing reports including initial funds available, new income received, funds deployed (including locations, amounts, and justifications for each platform), final funds available, and a list of the active MC members.
  • Governance Author - Drafting RPIPs and pushing forward governance initiatives. Managing GMC roster and awards data in Github.

Compensation and Benefits

The position will offer a monthly payment of $3,750 in RPL paid regularly over a span of 12 months.

The proposed compensation is loosely based on:

  1. Grants and Bounties Liaison

    (1 hour)

  2. Meeting Coordinator / Scheduler, Spokesperson, Accountant, Governance Author

    (1 hour)

  3. Awards Facilitator

    (1 hour)

Transition and Renewal of Administrator’s Term

To ensure a smooth transition and maintain operational continuity, the committee will assess the administrator’s term one month prior to its end. At that point, the committee will have two options:

  1. Term Extension: The committee may choose to extend the current administrator’s term by one year, provided they have been performing effectively and meeting the organization’s expectations. This allows for continuity in their role and provides stability within the position.
  2. Hiring Process Initiation: Alternatively, the committee may decide to initiate the hiring process outlined below, seeking potential applicants for the position. This proactive approach ensures a seamless transition if a new candidate is selected.

Leave and Time Off

Considering the time-sensitive nature of certain duties, such as payment processing and the collection of rolling awards applications, it is important for the administrator to make appropriate arrangements to have these responsibilities covered. To ensure the smooth continuation of work, it is recommended the administrator provide a minimum of two weeks’ advance notice for a request to cover any of these important tasks. This advance notice allows sufficient time for necessary preparations and ensures that the required tasks are completed in a timely manner.

How To Apply

To apply for this position, please provide an application statement in response to this post.

As you prepare your application statement for the GMC Administrator role, we kindly request that you begin by introducing yourself. Please provide your Discord username, and a brief overview of your background or current professional position.

In your application statement, we would like you to address your suitability for the GMC Administrator role. Explain why you believe you are well-suited for this position, highlighting specific skills, qualifications, or attributes that align with the job responsibilities. Additionally, we encourage you to provide specific examples of relevant experiences that demonstrate your qualifications for the role. Share instances where you have successfully developed comprehensive positions or procedures, managed application processes, or coordinated multiple projects effectively.

Furthermore, we invite you to include any other relevant information that you deem important for the GMC Selection Committee to know about you. This could include additional skills, certifications, or accomplishments that showcase your ability to excel in the GMC Administrator role.

The GMC looks forward to reviewing everyone’s application. Applications are accepted for a period of fourteen (14) days, starting from August 8, 2023, 1:00 PM UTC, and concluding on August 22, 2023, 12:59 PM UTC. The GMC will make a decision within fourteen (14) days of the application period closing.

The position is only valid upon the passage of RPIP-26.


Really cool to see :slight_smile: Will pass this along to some other governance folks looking to get involved.

One recommendation:

Might make sense to add something about GitHub management to the responsibilities. At the very least, I would expect this person to be making PR’s to keep track of historic GMC membership.

But I might also advocate for them to be responsible for increasing the GMC information that can be found in the RPIPs for transparency and documentation.


That’s a good idea, I’ve added this under Governance Author:

Managing GMC roster and awards data in Github.

The awards data is currently under review / development in Github.

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Update: The 14-day application window has now opened.

To apply, interested candidates are invited to respond to this topic with their applications from August 8, 2023, 1:00 PM UTC, until August 22, 2023, 12:59 PM UTC.

Curious how the redoing of the RPIP-26 vote effects this process. Would the applicant be on hold until the vote formally passes? Somewhat related, where does the budget for this position’s compensation come from?

The redo is already underway. The finalization of RPIP-26 is 10 days out, and the application window closes in 14 days. After that, the GMC has up to 14 days to choose an applicant. A hiring decision would be made well after RPIP-26 finalizes.

The budget comes from the GMC treasury.


Thank you, my apologies I had thought the delay was longer but see you are quite correct. Best of luck during the application process, I’ll be following along and hoping to interact with some of the applicants!

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Application Statement - Kent Philly

Hi All,

This is my application statement for the GMC Administrator role. Thank you for your time in reviewing my application.

I am @Kentphilly on Discord and Twitter [X]. I have been a remote node operator since June 2022 via @StakeRocketPool.eth. I run the StakeRocketPool channels (Youtube, Lenstube, Twitter, & Mirror) onboard new talent and members to our community. StakeRocketPool is focused on 1) helping to onboard university students into the community with governance voting 2) DeFi how-to guides and 3) Node Operator guides and interviews. I also run, have been active almost daily since 2017, and I vote as a delegate for a few protocols (Hop, Arbitrum, Aave, NFTx, GMX, +).

As the GMC Admin, I will prioritize my responsibilities and duties to ensure consistent and persistent communication to the global Rocket Pool community. This will be my “full-time” job while I am the GMC Admin. I see the public job as promoting the possibilities for others to join our community through grant opportunities and the internal job as a meticulous investigator, reporter, and collaborator.

With past experience leading community management @ Flipside Crypto I believe I can ensure there is proactive, consistent, and accurate records/documentation maintained. I will build on the fantastic work of ShfRyn, Val, and plan to improve the role’s metrics before leaving to show the impact of the role. In my life before crypto, I worked for 7 years in SaaS project management and customer success. I also hold a Project Management PMP and ITILV3 certifications.

As an active node operator and Rocket Pool educator today, I see this as a great opportunity to build more connections in the community.

I plan to use my personal relationships and connections to create more opportunities to engage a broader audience. With myself as the spokesperson, I will focused on highlighting new and unrecognized talent, along with the diversification across the community and chains that we now operate within (ETH, ARB, OP, ZK +).

Regarding the Treasurer & Governance Author duties, I have experience with both of these roles. When I have questions on any topic regarding my duties, I will surface these to the community to ensure some community alignment before making assumptions as to anything not clearly defined in the roles & responsibilities above.

If given the chance, I will fulfill these duties to my best abilities and help to foster equitable participation with current and communities around and within Rocket Pool’s ecosystem.

We all can win with Rocket Pool, and the GMC Admin sets the foundation for how Rocket Pool is a leader in executing a strategic growth plan to cement Rocket Pool as the best Ethereum staking protocol for everyone at some size :heart_hands::rocket::bat::loud_sound:.

Thank you,

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Hi all, hereby I’d like to apply for the role as GMC Administrator.


I’m a professional IT consultant in my late thirties, living in Western Europe. I have a bachelors degree in computer science and have been working in IT for about 15 years, fulfilling multiple roles ranging from software developer, various consultancy positions, Product Owner and currently as a DevOps engineer. I am a certified Product Owner and Scrum Master.


I have run many beta versions of both Nethermind, Lighthouse, Prysm and contributed to their Discord to support development. Likewise, I have been running testnets of Rocket Pool beta’s since the beginning up until the go-live and I am now a Node Operator.

Alignment statement

  • I only hold ETH and RPL.
  • I operate multiple minipools.

Conflict statement

  • I have no tokens associated with other LSD providers.
  • I have no professional conflicts.
  • I have not applied for any grants nor plan to do so.


In the past I have volunteered as a treasurer for a sports club, gaining experience in both governance and finance. In my professional career I’ve coached development teams in improving their processes, implementing new technologies and supported complete IT departments in their project administration. Personality wise I’m calm, structured, organised, detail oriented and have a good sense of people, always knowing what needs doing at the right time.

My online presence is slim, intentionally, so I can only vouch for myself right here. I have been following the Ethereum sphere since before the first bull run and have been preaching the deeper benefits of decentralisation and web3 to my friends. I have been looking for a bridge between my professional career and my love for Ethereum and this seems like the perfect fit :slight_smile:


Hi all,
I’m very happy to be able to apply for the GMC administrator role with Rocket Pool.
I bought my first ETH in 2017 and followed crypto regularly thereafter. Unfortunately, as a young man at university then, I rarely had funds to put into the industry but did my best. Thankfully I got in early to NFTs with the end goal of staking most of my ETH. I achieved this goal and have now been a part of the RPL community since mid 2022 but only managed to spin up some minipools on my NUC in April just before Atlas; that was a wild time! Since then I’ve converted them all to LEB8s and joined the discord to further participate under the username @myguy01. I’ve received a POAP from Waq for my contributions in the discord, answering questions across channels and have recently added some information on how NOs can swap from Mullvad to Airvpn in the support channel. I also have a dedicated crypto Twitter but I am anon there.

I have an MSc in Space Engineering and a BSc in Physics. I have worked as a space systems engineer for the last 3 years and hence, am proficient with managing deadlines and organising my resources over a large timeframe. Furthermore, this work has made me experienced in enabling difficult discussions between multiple stakeholders, something I know RPL will require throughout the protocol’s evolution and in this role as Meeting Coordinator and Spokesperson.
Additionally, I have published papers in engineering and science journals which showcases my abilities to follow procedures, analyse complex data, document it effectively, and communicate it to a wider audience efficiently. This indicates I would be a good fit as Treasurer, Grants and Bounties Liason, Awards Facilitator, and Governance Author.

In my spare time I enjoy football (soccer) especially, going to the gym, travelling, cooking, and watching movies.

I hope to be seriously considered as I would relish the ideal opportunity to go full time in crypto and add to RPL’s growth while working alongside the fantastic RPL team.
Thank you for your time.
Yours faithfully,


Hey, I’m ShfRyn, a 33-year-old node operator, and I am currently the interim GMC Administrator. Throughout my career, I have specialized in business development, process building for a web development agency, and effectively coordinating employee development. Additionally, I hold a Scrum Master certification, further demonstrating my expertise in project management methodologies.

I initially joined the GMC in March. I took the initiative to assume administrative duties and provide crucial support in various areas. This expanded my responsibilities to include becoming a community liaison, updating and organizing spreadsheets, facilitating meetings, and driving governance initiatives, such as implementing rolling awards and retro cap adjustments. Over the past few months, I dedicated approximately 3+ hours daily to successfully fulfill these responsibilities.

Understanding Of The Role
Having actively performed the GMC administrator role, and all of the duties outlined in the job responsibilities, I possess a unique understanding of its intricacies and challenges. This firsthand experience equips me with a comprehensive perspective, making me highly qualified to contribute effectively to its further development.


Here are some notable accomplishments during my tenure as the interim GMC administrator.

  1. RPIP-26 [Snapshot Vote Underway]
    RPIP-26 greatly enhances the awards process by allowing submissions at any time and adding a negotiation stage. The retrospective award cap is removed in order to unfreeze hundreds of thousands of members’ funds. An administrator role is established to enhance the GMC’s effectiveness.

  2. Member Activity Sheet [Under Review by GMC]
    Committee member activity sheet was drafted that details meeting attendance, transaction activity, awards activity, forum activity and internal GMC decisions. This would provide valuable insight to the community.

  3. Living Awards RPIP [Under Review by Governance Authors]
    Github document that records past and current awards, and bounties. It is currently under review by RPIP writers. That document can be viewed here -

  4. Standard Operating Procedures [Under Review by GMC]
    Document has been drafted that details the inner-workings of the GMC process. It focuses on continual improvement.

DAO Forum Activity
Beyond my contributions to governance building, I’ve amassed a substantial record of engagement on the forum.

My proven track record, marked by my extensive engagement, positions me as a trustworthy candidate for the GMC administrator role. With three days committed to volunteering at ETH Denver and my leadership in orchestrating a successful Rocket Pool Ethereum execution client diversity campaign, I have showcased both dedication and initiative. Having operated as a node operator for well over a year, I possess a comprehensive grasp of the protocol.

With the upcoming new awards system, there’s a substantial need for continual process development and refinement. I am fully committed to incorporating feedback from both the protocol DAO and committee members to continually enhance the GMC.


Hi all! Long-time lurker, first-time poster (@already_won on discord) to toss my hat in the ring for consideration.

I currently work as a senior technical leader at a big 4 professional services firm. While I’m currently on sabbatical to pursue some personal projects (and generally take a step back from work), in my traditional professional role, I have a focus on blockchain/web3 technologies with my core responsibilities being aligned with 1) building tools and internal platforms across the cryptocurrency/digital asset sector 2) educating and advising internal and external teams/clients on navigating the space and 3) building the underlying people and organizational infrastructure (hiring, coaching, culture/team-building, etc.).

While I have enjoyed my work, it has always been on the peripheries of the space (“web 2.5”?), and I’ve been looking for opportunities to more meaningfully and directly contribute and learn in areas I’m passionate about.

I believe my background uniquely qualifies me as:

  • I understand the challenges and how to politically communicate and coordinate across a broad range of audiences (building consensus, setting reminders, delivering messages, etc.). I work and communicate with internal/external clients; senior and junior staff across matrixed organizations (i.e. those who are not under my direct oversight); and international audiences (I work alongside teams in Shanghai, Switzerland, and Ukraine, amongst others). I have been bootstrapping high-performing remote teams for 7+ years (i.e. pre-covid, before it was cool), and I have significant experience building and adapting processes to best suit the needs of those constituents they serve
  • In having a tenured career at a trusted accountancy and consultancy, I can bring a level of professionalism with the tools, templates, and processes I’ve seen and observed throughout my 12+ year professional career. While I’m currently working in tech, I have a background in both accounting & finance, and started my career working in consulting, change management, and process improvement so I have significant experience building/maintaining spreadsheets, project charters, process flows, etc. I regularly review and provide feedback for both technical and non-technical work including code/architecture reviews, decks/presentations, and other deliverables; manage $mm budgets for teams and projects; and support teams with a variety of planning exercises to accomplish their goals (i.e. setting milestones, highlighting risks, building roadmaps, etc.)
  • I bring a technical lens to the table which not only helps for communication across a range of audiences (providing suggestions, probing, reviewing, etc.), but could also help with automation of menial tasks. While I haven’t as much direct experience with smart contract development, I am well-versed in the traditional application stack of JS/Node, GCP/AWS, Docker, Postgres & NoSQL friends, etc. I have a strong understanding of technical primitives to wire and glue together systems to provide further improve the speed, efficiency, and transparency of pDAO activities to the community

Since not much is out there on me, some bits on me personally:

  • I live in the US with my wife and dog-- a miniature dachshund who doesn’t think he is all that miniature. I enjoy the typical millennial smattering of coffee, outdoors, and fitness routines (I used to be an avid runner but after injuring my leg, I’m relegated to primarily rowing and lifting).
  • I’m a builder at heart - I self-taught myself programming over nights and weekends as I simply wanted to build apps which ultimately led to a career change. Now as a recent homeowner, I have now decided to become a professional DIY-er with a degree from YouTube University. Last winter, I re-finished my basement which has given me the confidence to do more ambitious projects as I’m currently renovating my guest bathroom (Evidently, hanging some drywall has somehow given me enough credibility with my wife to put a jackhammer to the concrete slab in my basement!)
  • I’m currently run a small handful of minipools out of my home server, enjoy staring at my grafana dashboard while watching Waq (shoutout as I write this app while watching on the other screen), and daydream about how decentralized technologies will improve humanity as a whole!

So there, in sum, I generally feel my professional background and experiences could further bolster the strength of RP. I’m a team and community builder and enjoy seeing the realization of potential-- I would love to find a way to get more involved with you guys as I see the great things you’re all doing. Thanks for your consideration and appreciate the time!


Howdy from Texas RP Team! I hope that you and your families are all doing well and staying safe. I would also like to apply to the GMC admin role. dantherocketmann on Discord

Background: Born and raised in Germany, by German parents, who have taught me the value of integrity and going above and beyond in both your personal and professional life. As a result of my upbringing, I hold myself to a higher standard when it comes to the quality of my work and the value I put on my relationships. My strengths include being proactive, genuine, building relationships, and willingness to take on any challenge with enthusiasm & eagerness. I am always truly passionate about the work that I do and the people that become family along the way.

Experience: Supply Chain professional with bachelors in petroleum/mechanical engineering. I’ve been working in Oil and Gas for the last 10+ years in various technical and operational roles. In late 2019 I went down the crypto rabbit hole and became wildly obsessed with this technology, as well as marco economic theory, and decided to become more involved in blockchain at work. I was fortunate enough to become a blockchain ambassador for my company in 2022 and have since led blockchain projects involving carbon credits within the technical ventures organization of my company. I am also a product owner to Blockchain for Energy Consortium - reinventing the oil and gas industry’s workflow process by building a forward-thinking community that creates inventive ways of leveraging blockchain technology to maximize efficiencies, reduce costs, improve timelines, and drive industry transformation through collective collaboration.

Commitment: Rocketpool node operator since March 2023 - committed to further decentralizing the ethereum protocol. I believe the Rocketpool community has this as it’s ethos and is currently the only staking protocol I am proud to be a part of. I am an active contributor to discord community and have onboarded friends into this industry and, more importantly, to the permissionless decentralized staking protocol that is Rocketpool! Reached out to existing members for guidance (Patches, nickdoherty) and passed on my knowledge to help new members in testing, port forwarding, and troubleshooting VPN network access on MacOS devices.

Unique Perspective: Although I lack developer and coding experience, and I am relatively new to the ethereum staking ecosystem, I hope that my diverse background can bring a fresh set of eyes and ideas… that will ultimately translate into value to the Rocketpool community! In my current role I am responsible for $250MM+ spend at a refinery, routinely deliver quarterly steering team meetings to upper management and executives, and have demonstrated change management skills and ability to manage/coordinate a complex supplier base. My involvement in blockchain at work has given me the opportunity to deploy smart contracts to tokenize carbon emissions, and build smart contract infrastructure on ERC-1155 tokens to prove token transfer functionality, and paired transactions. I believe this experience, coupled with my enthusiasm for this industry and for Rocketpool, would qualify me to exceed every expectation the DAO has for this role. Thank you in advance for your consideration and for taking the time to read this!

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This concludes the application period. The GMC will now proceed with the hiring process and render a decision within the next 14 days, culminating on September 5th at 12:59 UTC.

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Hello dear GMC Admin applicants, thank you for your interest in this position.

After much deliberation and interviews with 3 candidates that were maintained for further consideration, the GMC held a vote that resulted in a majority for @ShfRyn, our interim admin.

This decision was not an easy one as we had many interesting profiles apply with tons of expertise and effort.

Nevertheless, we are very happy with the dedication and unwavering commitment that @ShfRyn brought towards his interim role and which resulted in truly outstanding work, hence cementing our decision of retaining him as the official GMC admin for a year.

We would like to thank each and everyone of the applicants for their interest in the GMC and for their application.


It’s been an honor working among such intelligent, pivotal members of the Rocket Pool protocol. I’m so glad to continue my journey with the GMC because it feels unfinished and we have so much left to do.

I’d like to take a moment to remind all the applicants that a new GMC roster is set to be elected in November. I wholeheartedly encourage each and every one of you to consider applying, as your contributions would undoubtedly enrich the committee.