GMC Nomination Thread

Per RPIP-10 (RPIPs/ at main · rocket-pool/RPIPs · GitHub), this thread will be live at least 5 days.

  • Anyone can nominate anyone, including themselves
  • Anyone can remove themselves from consideration simply by saying so
  • After 5 days, there will be a “this thread is closed” comment, and the final list will then be generated

If you are nominated and don’t remove yourself from consideration, please read the “Nominee information sharing” section of RPIP-10 so you can be ready to provide your statements. Since this is running in parallel with a pDAO Treasurer nomination thread, please also state how you’re handling that (eg, removed self from consideration on 1, would happily take both, would remove self from consideration on X if selected for both).


I’ll kick us off with 2 nominations:

  • @calurduran put in the work to get the GMC going - would love to have them on the committee
  • @jcrtp has expressed interest repeatedly and would be an asset - they work closely with many contributors, including some that aren’t as noticed by the community at large

I’d like to nominate @waqwaqattack because the GMC should consist of well-informed beating hearts of the community


I’d like to nominate two folks who have expressed interest and who have been involved in governance and/or GMC discussions to date: @enkriptix and @Wander.


I’d like to nominate @ken and @Marceau

They have proven themselves to be shrewd stewards of the community.


I’d like to nominate myself, as I feel that these governance processes work best with a diversity of community members from a variety of backgrounds. I’ve been keen to participate more formally in the governance process but I’ll save my spiel for the information sharing.


Thank you for the nomination. I will start working on my information-sharing statement! I’m excited to be involved with this.


Thank you for the nomination. I too am excited to be involved with this.


A bit late but I nominate myself. I’ve been in the rp community for close to 2 years now and have a good understanding of the Beacon Chain, Ethereum and the RP smart contracts, which should proof quite useful to the committee.


I’d like to nominate myself after Valdorff’s ping. I have a good understanding of the smartnode, having contributed to a few new features, and good knowledge of the smart contracts. I’ve been in the community for about a year now and believe diversity can improve our governance process.


I’d like to nominate myself. I am currently managing Polygon’s Security Organisation, ensuring that all of Polygon assets are safe. You can follow me here:

I’ve been in this scene for quite some time, great understanding of blockchain technology, power user of lots of DeFi and non-Defi protocols, Staking ETH since genesis, multiple mininodes as well. And through my alt I have participated in various DAOs, including being a Council member for some well known protocols. More info to follow when appropriate…

I think I have lots to contribuite to RP, and would love to have more active role in the community, as I have been mostly in read-only mode on discord mainly :slight_smile:

Are you on the RP discord? We plan to include info on community involvement for voters.

I’d like to nominate myself. If the community supports it, I would love to give back with the contribution. If not, other nominations are shaping up to make this committee rocket solid!


Appreciate the nomination! Just want to confirm again here that I’d be happy to participate.


Thanks for the nomination and for driving this, I would love to be more involved in governance and see all of the talent around here get some compensation for all they’ve done and continue to do for this community. This committee is long overdue.


I am yes, but with an Alt account I can share privately but don’t want to disclose publicly. I do have a personal/public discord account but that one is new…

I’d like to nominate fellow rocket scientists: @Valdorff, @Patches, @objectObject, @Pieter, @yorickdowne.

I’d also like to nominate @Butta, @knoshua, @dEEtoo who are active in the community.

I also nominate @hanniabu who’s a builder and was the first person to reach out to me about Rocketscan.

(I don’t want to be nominated at this time)

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I also nominate @ramana and @Kevster.eth.

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Hmmm… please DM me on discord and let’s see if we can figure something out. You probably won’t get selected without evidence of community engagement. Maybe there can be asterisked and heavily rounded metrics or smth. (Val#5027 on discord)

I’d like to remove myself from consideration - but thanks for the nomination.