Intended vs actual budget mismatch in RPIP-10

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Langers was looking at doing the IMC/GMC payments today and realized that they were way down from past payments.

Per RPIP-10, the new budget split is 27% IMC and 16% GMC, with the remainder going to reserves. Per the vote text at this was intended to keep the budgets “similar to current levels when the pDAO share of inflation increases (just the initial large step)”. It doesn’t do that.

We stepped from 15% of inflation going to the pDAO to 22%.
Looking at the amount of inflation going to each MC:
IMC: 22% * 27% = 5.94% < 7.5% = 15% * 50%
GMC: 22% * 16% = 3.52% < 4.5% = 15% * 30%
We can see we’re well under the intended total amounts.

I’m not sure if I did math totally wrong, if I did math for a variant where there was a larger initial step, or if I did math for an end-state after a ramp rather than just the initial step. Regardless, the values are unambiguous, so we’re currently paying out smaller-than-intended amounts.

I don’t expect this to cause any immediate issues - both MCs have significant reserves. This does increase the priority on deciding how we rebudget things now that we have more inflation coming into the pDAO treasury (and we could even include lump sum payments in that vote if desired).

I do think this highlights the need for review (as did the recent vote snafu for the GMC update). To be frank - RP has to rely less on me. There was review for several other bits, but this part seems to have skated through.

Sorry I got the math wrong,


It took me a while to find the new budget split in RPIP-10, the vote text also only had a link to RPIP-25 and had no mention to the new % (I would have double checked it otherwise). In this case I don’t think we even need a forum pool for sending the expected payments to IMC and GMC (5,496.73 RPL and 3298.04 RPL) as the intention of the vote text is clear. Maybe a forum poll to change fix table in RPIP-10?

Sorry I got the math wrong,

What?! You are carrying pDAO on your back, mistakes only happen because you are doing stuff instead of watching idly.

To be frank - RP has to rely less on me.

I agree RP has to rely less on you, maybe write a bounty for half the tasks you are planning for the month? Easy tasks with rewards would probably bring new members to the governance side of the protocol…

I think the RPIP is what rules. The vote text is an executive summary, but it cannot be the source of truth here. We’ll get it sorted the next time we touch the budget (eg, Justification for moving oDAO inflation to the IMC)

Ps - <3

In that case the simple solution is to vote two direct expending from the reserves to IMC and GMC.

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