Introducing Tally to the Rocket Pool governance community

Hello and gm Rocket Pool Community,

I’m Frisson, Head of Marketing at Tally. I’m also a governance nerd and general on-chain citizen of Ethereum.

I’m creating this post as a way of introducing Tally to the Rocket Pool community, and specifically as a way of exploring opportunities for Tally to support the structure and decentralization of the GMC and the pDAO. Tally enables delegation, which I think would be a useful building block for adding structure to the pDAO and GMC while also increasing decentralization (token holders can easily revoke power).

Tally is the most popular user interface for OpenZeppelin Governor. We are the preferred on-chain governance solution for many of the large DAOs within the Ethereum ecosystem such as Uniswap, Gitcoin, ENS, Compound, and Hop.

DAOs throughout the Ethereum ecosystem choose to use Tally for two reasons. First, because OpenZeppelin Governor contracts are the best-in-class primitive for trustless treasury management and protocol upgrades. Second, because Tally’s UI offers a well-designed, maintenance-free, no-code, on-chain governance interface for DAO contributors. DAOs use Tally to create proposals, vote on proposals, facilitate airdrops, attract delegates, delegate voting power, and generally stay up to date with on-chain governance.

To check out what it’s like to use Tally, visit .

To learn more about Tally, visit .

I would love to continue this conversation with anyone in the Rocket Pool community who is thinking about governance. Cheers!