Merchandise Store Art Contest

Merchandise Store Art Contest

Rocket Pool Merchandise Store Art Contest
$1000 in prizes
10 Winners
Now until March 10


All artists, potential artists, non-artists … so really everyone


Create a design to go on Rocket Pool merchandise and enter it in the contest


We need some designs to get the store kicked off. The store will start with these designs, but will not be limited to just these, of course.


  • Start - NOW!
  • Submit by - March 10
  • Voting - March 11 to March 17
  • Winners Announced - March 18


Submit entries in the Rocket Pool Discord #trading channel under the #merch-art-contest thread


Create a design you would want to put on a t-shirt (it will also potentially go on hoodies/mugs etc.). Preference is for Rocket Pool themed, however, if the community likes it and we think it will sell, then whatever (Ethereum, general Crypto etc.). Sometimes simple is best.

TRADEMARKS and COPYRIGHTS must be respected!
Rocket Pool official images are okay to use.


Roughly 11" x 11" (4500px x 5100px at 300 DPI) or smaller size (think t-shirt front)

Vector is preferred, but a quality bitmap should be fine. It is okay to use a different format in the submissions thread to be voted on than you give for the actual upload to the store.

Example: You make an svg drawing but export a png for the voting thread. That is fine, just don't alter the svg after your entry wins (unless approved).

Resolution Details:
300 DPI – can be greater, but must be under maximum size limits (see below). Maximum resolution is 30,000px x 30,000px

Size Details:
Graphics should be size of the t-shirt, full size front of shirt logo area is 11”x11”, but you might want to adjust based on logo shape. That is, do not put an 11"x11" background on a 6"x9" design just to force it to 11"x11"! This is approximately 4500px x 5100px (300 DPI).

Maximum 100MB JPG/PNG or 20MB SVG

Design might be downscaled for kids sizes and other merchadise, but we don’t want to upscale

Most designs should probably be meant for middle chest area of a shirt. If your design is meant to go somewhere specifically, mention that, but it might affect your votes.

Example: I make the coolest design ever in the world, but it is only for mugs. Mention it is for just mugs.

Contest Fine Print

The traditional banner “Rocket Pool” logo that appeared on earlier shirts will already be in the store and is not eligible for this contest. Everything else is fair game (up to judges discretion)

After entries are submitted as above, the community voting will begin.
The top ten winners each get $100 in prize money (RPL, really)

If two images are very similar, the judges (GMC Marketing Committee) might consider them equivalent and choose either the higher vote or first submitted at their discretion.

Example 1: Two people submit the exact same thing. The second submission gets more votes -- Judges will pick first to submit
Example 2: Two people submit very similar designs, but one is favored by the community -- Judges will choose higher voted

If you edit your submission after you post it without judge persmission, it might invalidate your entry


Contact @drdoofus here or in the discord


Voting has begun

Vote here until March 17