Vote - Merchandise Store Art Contest

Vote - Merchandise Store Art Contest

These entries are from the official thread in #trading

Vote for up to 10
Choose based on what you would actually wear or believe others would wear!

Top ten vote recipients are the winners - $100 each
To claim the prize money, you must provide a graphic in the format stated in the rules: Merchandise Store Art Contest

I tried to weed out the joke images, but if yours is not here and was not a joke,

  1. Let me know
  2. Yikes

Voting ends March 17
Winners announced March 18
Winning the contest does NOT guarantee your design will end up in the store

Winning entries are agreeing to the Merchandise Store using their design for swag and advertising for the Store with no expectation of monetary compensation other than the contest award itself.

Vote for up to ten:


You might notice there are two entries above that are grouped. I originally thought it was front/back but they are separate entries and I cannot edit the poll anymore. If you like either one, vote for the group.

thanks for leading this, swag is much needed for the community


Voting is closed. I will tally the votes and reach out to potential winners March 18. Some entries might be asked to make modifications to fall in line with the posted rules. I will contact you with details.

To reiterate:

  1. Winners must follow the posted rules to get prize money
  2. Winning the contest does not guarantee inclusion in the Merchandise Store
  3. Accepting prize money is an agreement that the Store can use your design for merchandise and advertising with no further compensation.

Thanks for entering!
I will be in touch.

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For transparency:

All contest winnings have been paid out.
Additional money from the manager’s funds were used to compensate additional winners based on some flaws in the contest. All winnings were consistent with contest rules.

Total payouts: 1300 USDC
Total Fees: $62.46
Total Contest Payout: $1362.46

All txs ETH mainnet except where noted
0x02f1e7a0610e901712cf36620926c6dc52bd3d52fd796c180213342e0e145208 - base
0xc155de1f61f52420a314fc7e54fba9c656098dabed3c00d8b12fd7d4957a4c1f - base
0x97c4078c5047dd5eab1354618a0b051e010ba8bd85636ba92df1a96f5261ac77 - base
0xe29405d43bcb95ba5fc7665bae5a74f1f66f0ee673ce68fefd106cf9901859ee - base

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