Rapid Research Review - Next Steps

The GMC Rapid Research Review concluded earlier this week, with the GMC receiving 21 high-quality submissions from 11 individuals.

Link To Results / Scores
Link To LFW’s Idea Summary of Submissions
Link To Community Input
Link To Original Options Forum Thread

In order to get from these ideas to a real impact, it’s important to figure out a high-level vision for the protocol’s near/mid-term future.

Now is the time to act and consolidate these impressive submissions into a comprehensive plan that will shape the future of the protocol. Reviewers unanimously agree that the most effective approach moving forward is to integrate the various tactical ideas into a strategic plan aimed at enhancing the protocol.

One example vision that was already posted comes from Valdorff. This suggests the integration of ‘Direct Capture 2’ with ‘Bond Curves’, supported by ‘Universal Variable Commission’, ‘rETH protection’ and early validator ejection. You can read more about this suggestion here.

The GMC is actively seeking innovative visions on how to incorporate multiple submission ideas into an actionable plan. They have indicated that high-quality submissions are likely to be rewarded with retrospective compensation.

We eagerly invite proposals from any community member who wishes to contribute their strategic visions for the future.


I wanted to tag all incubator participants and a couple of folks that were mentioned during GMC discussions:

@ArtDemocrat @DagoDuck @epineph @ken @knoshua @langers

@luominx @NeverAnIsland @occam @sckuzzle @valdorff

@samus @LongForWisdom @kane

Sharing link to an initial stab at a cohesive proposal here:

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