Request to Submit Coinbase Listing Application

While the community understands that the RP team has taken the position of declining to pay listing fees, Coinbase (perhaps others) has no listing or application fee, and instead lists assets purely on their legal/regulatory quality and merit. I’d like to request that the RP team submit an application on behalf of RPL. After quickly reviewing the listing guidelines, I think RPL would qualify.

Getting listed on a CEX is a bit of a controversial topic, but would benefit the community in terms of access to liquidity and act as a legitimizing force. This would be particularly useful as we need to deepen RPL liquidity for new operators going into the merge and withdrawal events.

Would the Rocket Pool team be willing to submit an application? If helpful, I’ll attach screenshots of the application process. For what it’s worth I think we would qualify and be eligible to list. You can get started here: Coinbase Asset Hub

Some helpful links for context:


I support asking Coinbase to list RPL and rETH.

Even if they are likely to reject rETH I think it’s worth at least trying.

My reasoning is simple: being listed on Coinbase helps the project with credibility.


I think it is too early to ask for an rETH listing honestly. There’s just not enough liquidity available. Such proposal should wait for lower collateral minipools are a thing and we can scaleup significantly.

On the other side, I am all for a Coinbase listing for RPL and agree with Marceau here!


+1 for requesting RPL


As a node operator and Coinbase user I support listing RPL to help simplify my DCA purchases. Coinbase is a major exchange and I am sure it will help others access the RPL token via a fiat on-ramp.

Separately I would also support listing rETH especially since it is expected to gain greater integrations with other major DeFi platforms to fulfill its destiny as a primary and pristine Lego building block.

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I completely suport this idea

100% support this, it would make onboarding node operators easier if they could just buy their RPL collat on an exchange.


definitely support this idea. It will let new Node operators which not famillar with DEFI to purchase RPL as collateral through CEX.

I wholeheartedly support a rETH listing application.

For RPL I am also for a listing, but note that the actual gains for the protocol are small. Anyone capable of utilising RPL is perfectly capable of using Uniswap. I therefore wonder if it might not be a better idea to try listing when the market is more bullish, as there is little to lose by delaying a listing but potentially lots to gain by a well-timed tactical listing.

Would love to see RPL listed on coinbase. It would show presence and give credibility to the masses.

+1 fully support this.

agree with RPL listing on CEXes to create more visibility and project credibility, unsure about rETH as what Kevster mentioned re: timing of listing + LEBs seems reasonable

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I support any CEX listing for RPL and rETH

I support requesting Coinbase to list RPL and rETH.

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I support this. As a node operator that is still building my RPL stake. I would appreciate the option to buy RPL on Coinbase.

100% for this. Lowering the barrier to obtaining RPL is a necessary piece to success.

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For it! I think it would be good exposure.

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rETH is a nonstarter IMO. Likely not worth applying for.

  1. It’s a direct competitor with Coinbase’s staking product (but better :grin:). It would be against their own interest to list it.
  2. Look at Lido for example. CB has listed LDO but not stETH.

Perhaps with another CEX (Gemini?) who doesn’t have a native staking solution it may be more feasible.


no fee for application or listing? i think its a good step to take at no cost to oDAO or pDAO. +1 I support this.

I fully support the no-fee listing. This should be done for both RP tokens - rETH and RPL.