2023-03 IMC Nomination Thread

Hi all,

With the recent RPIP-10 update vote passing, we need to select the full IMC membership (9 members).

Per RPIP-10 (RPIPs/RPIP-10.md at main · rocket-pool/RPIPs · GitHub ), this thread will be live at least 5 days.

  • Anyone can nominate anyone, including themselves
  • Anyone can remove themselves from consideration simply by saying so
  • After 5 days, there will be a “this thread is closed” comment, and the final list will then be generated

If you are nominated and don’t remove yourself from consideration, please read the “Nominee information sharing” section of RPIP-10 so you can be ready to provide your statements.


Some context around current members (updated from the 6 month review)

This obviously doesn’t include everything, but it’s better than nothing - feel free to ask questions about current members and I’m sure folks are happy to answer.


I would like to nominate myself @langers @Uisce @DaserDog @Denum.eth and @jasperthegovghost

Marceau explicitly asked to be removed when convenient a bit ago.
I would like to have Darcius as a backup signer instead of a mainline member, which is in line of how he’s served us so far.


I nominate:

@knoshua - Instrumental in getting our liquidity incentive program off the ground, engages frequently in incentive discussions and has a high level of understanding of dex functionality.

@NonFungibleYokem - For being generally knowledgeable & critical thinking.

@halzen627 - Has been less active recently so unsure of their availability but the OP grant proposal they spearheaded has been of key importance to rETH’s L2 presence.

@Danylostefan - Has had success reaching out and working with other DAOs on behalf of RP (Rook) and notably long term aligned.


I’ll put myself forward as a nominee.

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I accept and agree with @Valdorff’s nominations.

Thank you for the nomination @Uisce . I accept and I will have my alignment statment, etc up in the next day or so.

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Thanks for the nomination @Uisce. You’re right, I have had less time to dedicate to crypto stuff due to IRL commitments, and this will probably continue going forward. I am supportive of the other nominations in this thread. If we need to make up numbers I could accept as a less active member, otherwise I would suggest electing others who are confident they will be more actively engaged. Great work to all on the IMC who have done a great job so far.

Thanks for the nomination @Uisce. I must respectfully decline as this would pose a conflict of interests for me. I am happy to continue my efforts just not in any official or quasi-official capacity.

I accept and agree with @Valdorff’s nominations.

I accept the nomination.

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Thanks for the nomination, I accept.

Thanks for the nomination, and I accept. I’d like to note that while I would be active for voting, I don’t have the time currently to be educated and involved in the decision making.

@phils.eth on discord asked for a description of the work and workload in the IMC. Before I answer, I’d like to nominate them - caring is half the battle here.

Here’s what I’d like to see…

  • Minimum bar; sign transactions after reviewing them (see an example at https://discord.com/channels/405159462932971535/1020537769635872808/1076187165496725668)

    • Ideally without being asked more than once
    • This is like 20 minutes every 2 weeks, plus some more for sporadic transactions
  • Desired

    • Be active in discussions in rETH Liquidity Incentives thread; form an opinion on stuff (where should we put more/less incentives and why)
    • Be active in discussions in IMC DM; this is similar, just with things we don’t want to be premature about (eg, potential partner that may or may not pan out)
    • Do a little partner talking
    • I think this is maybe a couple hours a week?
  • Yay!; help out by doing something extra:

    • Strong review (eg, make the transaction separately and look for matching)
    • More partner talking
    • Help figure out how to execute on new genres of transactions (eg, protocol owned liquidity, a new bribe market, etc)
    • Find things to improve technically (eg, are we bribing using the best tool? are we bribing on the most effective market?)
    • Find opportunities (eg, the optimism foundation grant was massive)

I accept the nomination :slight_smile:

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I accept the nomination. Glad to be with you guys :slight_smile:

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I’d like to nominate myself for the IMC.

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=== Closing nominations here ===
The nominees: valdorff langers @Uisce @DaserDog @Denum.eth @jasperthegovghost @knoshua @NonFungibleYokem @halzen627 @ramana @phils.eth @DrWorm
As a reminder, we’re looking to fully pick a slate of 9 members.

Nominees: In the next 3 days, please provide the info requested in RPIP-10 in this thread (see screenshot below). Good format examples can be found here. I’ll compile a supplementary spreadsheet with a few hard stats on it when I get a chance.

@Valdorff @langers (it only lets me tag 10 in one comment)

Alignment Statement

Both philosophically and economically, I am aligned with Rocket Pool. My descent into the crypto world was based on a desire to create a more equitable world where individuals didn’t face discrimination in the process of just accessing the financial world. I have written about the inherent subjectivity of blockchain technology in that code is a reflection of values. I believe Rocket Pool is a strong reflection of my own values. Economically, I have been the beneficiary of several gifts and a GMC grant and so the success of Rocket Pool is in my best interests.

Conflict Statement

I hold small allocations of SWISE and SD. Further, I occasionally field questions from other LSD protocols. However, I have accepted no value for any service from any protocol other than Rocket Pool.

Identity Statement

My name is Jaspreet Kalsi. I am a 25-year-old living in New Jersey. I’ve posted a variety of personal details around and if someone wanted to doxx me they very easily could. Despite this, I prefer to operate under a pseudonym.

Contribution Statement

Most of my contributions are summarized in my retroactive award application found here.

Additional Information

I am an Ethereum ecosystem maxi and will operate with that bias - for example, I am immediately skeptical of things originating from BSC, Avax, or Sol. I believe this bias of mine should be publicly known.