2024-05 IMC Nomination Thread

Hi All,

It’s been a year (and a bit) – time for a new IMC selection.

Committee size

6/9 has been somewhat unwieldy. The RPIPs actually aren’t terribly prescriptive on size outside of a bare minimum, so we have some choice here. Internally, the IMC has discussed changing size, and selection is a natural time to do it.

Some comparisons for reference: the oDAO (10/18; or team+6/18), the arbitrum security council (7/12 for slow upgrades, 9/12 for instant upgrades), Eigenlayer (3/5 upgrades with 10-day delay, 9/13 instant power). All of those protect value in the billions, while we have thus far peaked just over a million USD.

  • 6 of 9 (keep the same bar)
  • 5 of 9 (easiest to work with being suggested)
  • 5 of 8 (lower threshold, but also smaller pool of signers)
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Per RPIP-10: pDAO Budget Allocation, this thread will be live at least 5 days.
Given that a relevant vote is live on Snapshot we will instead keep this thread live until ~3 days after the vote concludes.

  • Anyone can nominate anyone, including themselves
  • Anyone can remove themselves from consideration simply by saying so
  • ~3 days after the vote mentioned concludes, there will be a “this thread is closed” comment, and the final list will then be generated
  • If you are nominated and don’t remove yourself from consideration, please read the “Nominee information sharing” section of RPIP-10 so you can be ready to provide your statements.
  • Remember that vacancies that occur get filled by going down the list from previous selections. This means more nominations are definitely good - including well past “can field a full committee”.
  • See Looking for IMCers for a description of the role
  • See the post below for some metrics on the current IMC’s participation

Some context around existing members. Doesn’t capture everything, ofc, but it’s something.

I’d like to nominate myself.

I understand how Uniswap v3 works well but I haven’t paid attention to how other DeFi protocols really work. I’d like to learn more about them. Nothing makes you learn more about a crypto project than buying a token which then immediately crashes. Similarly having to sign a tx that sends RPL for incentives to a DeFi protocol would force me to learn how the protocol works.

I have some technical skills that I can use to contribute to due diligence, research, graphs, etc.


So generally I would defer to the committee to organize itself best. I’m not concerned that 5/9 is unsecure (as you say, this isn’t huuuge sums) but it suggests to me that there are multiple members who are not actively participating (again suggested in the spreadsheet). To me, that is the real and potential (ideas never brainstormed) risk to RP value. I would err on the side of: call earlier elections if you can’t get 6/9 on a regular basis, to try to get more active participants. If just for security, 5/9 seems fine to me.


I would also like to nominate myself :slight_smile:

I’ve enjoyed getting more involved this year and the IMC sounds like an interesting opportunity to contribute in new ways


A bit of a batch from the current IMC

  • Nominate: Val, Jasper, Yokem, Drworm, Phil
  • Removing themselves from consideration: uisce

I would like to nominate myself.

I feel like I could give more to the community than I currently do, so I would like to do that.


I would like to nominate myself also. I’ve held similar roles at companies where I’ve been. Many of the duties are right in my wheelhouse. I’m looking forward to getting more involved with the community and this seems like a great way to leverage my skill sets.


I’d like to make a few nominations.
@astoneta @deukey @haloooloolo @leighm.eth @Invis @Kevster.eth

All these folks have demonstrated themselves as great learners, and as dedicated and helpful members of the community. In short - they Care.

I would also like to add as encouragement to these nominees and other prospective nominees - Even if you aren’t up for serving in the near term - being available to serve as a backup to fill in for vacancies is an importance service in itself as it contributes to the long term resiliance and continuity of the committee.


Thank you for the nomination. Unfortunately, I must decline due to my current schedule. I appreciate the recognition and encourage others to step forward.

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The stipend vote has closed and passed. I will close this thread in ~3 days to move to the next step. Please take a moment to consider and nominate possible candidates :pray:

Before I forget to respond to this: happy to accept the nomination. Just need to get my candidate statement together within the next few days.


I’d like to nominate @LongForWisdom


Thanks for the nomination, Val. On balance, I’m going to decline. IMC is maybe the role I feel I’d be least well-suited to. Would prefer RPIP editor or possibly GMC, and I don’t want to end up on multiple.


=== Closing nominations here ===
The nominees (part 1): @peteris @samus @Valdorff @jasperthegovghost @NonFungibleYokem @DrWorm @phils.eth @waqwaqattack

Nominees: please provide the info requested in RPIP-10 in this thread. Please structure as “Alignment statement, conflict statement, identity statement, contribution statement, additional information, preferred subcommittee" Good format examples can be found in the first IMC nomination thread or the more recent GMC nomination thread.

Nominees (part deux): @aJoshR @astoneta @deukey @haloooloolo @leighm.eth @Kevster.eth

Nominees: per RPIP-10 you have 3 days from when the list of nominees was posted to provide your info below

Alignment Statement

The main bit of alignment is that I quite like RP. I think it has the potential to be great for Ethereum health, it allows broader participation than solo staking, and I think there are many tough problems to solve along the way (I like problem solving :shrug:).

Secondarily, I have significant-to-me exposure to RP both via RPL and minipools.

Conflict Statement

I don’t do the “tribe” thing too much. I have provided feedback to Lido, and sought feedback from Lido contributors. I have provided feedback to Stader and Stakewise.

I have held SWISE off and on (thought in very small amounts compared to RPL). Further afield I also hold BTC, and several Cosmos tokens (ATOM, SCRT, JUNO, OSMO, AKT).

I have worked with a variety of web3 partners (both through IMC and not) and have definite preferences about working with some for not-purely-protocol-finances reasons. I think it’s appropriate to consider smooth working relationships.

I don’t see any of the above as conflicts, but it’s as close as I come.

Identity Statement

I’m a mid-30s senior engineer. I currently work in IoT and have previously worked in semiconductors.

I don’t plan on fully doxxing, but am happy to coarsely answer most questions about myself that come up.

Contribution Statement

Frankly, I do too many things.

I have been de facto IMC lead, de facto RPIP editor lead, am extremely active on the technical strategizing side of the pDAO, and am extremely active in governance in several ways (writing RPIPs, writing vote text, getting things attention, providing feedback, …). I talk to a ton of protocols both with and without my IMC hat, help people in #general (intro stuff) and #trading (more technical stuff), and shitpost a ton.

I do want to continue to be active in the IMC. That said, I’m hoping there is a good opportunity for me to ease up some. That could look like one or more of: passing on the formal treasurer role (it’s actually pretty narrow and focused on the budget and report posts), having someone else make and post transactions some or all of the time, taking on less of the “partner talking” work, taking on less of the internal “leading discussions” work.


Alignment Statement

I’ve been a member of the Rocket Pool community since December 2021. I started some minipools via Allnodes then, and switched to using my own hardware. I was drawn to Rocket Pool due its alignment with the Ethereum ethos. I’ve stayed interested in the community due to the interesting problems that need to be solved across the hardware, software, data, analysis, economic, and social layers to make this thing work. I also am significantly invested in the protocol.

Conflict Statement

None. 99% of my crypto holdings consist of ETH, rETH, RPL. I am experimenting with some of the protocols I’ve learned about in my IMC role.

Identity Statement

I have a PhD in physics, and work as a staff machine learning engineer in the autonomous vehicle industry. I’m in my mid-30s and live in California.

Contribution Statement

  • I served a partial term on the IMC last term after joining due to a member leaving mid-term. I haven’t been able to contribute as much as I would like to, due to time constraints. My main IMC contribution has been being a reliable transaction reviewer and signer. I’m happy to remain an IMC member at my current contribution level, however I would be fine to step aside if there are new folks who want to be more involved.
  • I created a Dune dashboard for Rocket Pool which has proven highly useful in tracking some key metrics that are of use to the IMC (e.g. rETH peg, liquidity). I’ve also done a smaller amount of with in coordination with @Valdorff on the Rocket Pool Community Dune Team.

Alignment Statement

I strongly support Ethereum, Ethereum staking, and decentralization. Therefore, Rocket Pool is the platform that aligns best with these values. I also have great trust in Rocket Pool’s dedicated developers and intelligent community. The majority of my assets are composed of RPL, and I also hold a small amount of rETH. Therefore, I support and look forward to Rocket Pool’s long-term sustainability and success through increased market share.

Conflict Statement

I do not support protocols or hold any significant amount of tokens that conflict with Ethereum, Rocket Pool, or rETH, nor do I have any plans to do so in the future.

Identity Statement

My primary occupation is a patent analyst. I am Korean and a node operator for Rocket Pool. My usernames on Discord and the DAO forum are “deukey”, and my Twitter handle is “rocketpoolkorea”. I have been active on the Rocket Pool Discord since March 2021. I mainly participate in the trading channel to monitor the Rocket Pool protocol.

Contribution Statement

Due to my primary occupation, I am mainly an observer and have not actively contributed to the protocol. However, through my Twitter account “rocketpoolkorea”, I have been promoting Rocket Pool and Ethereum staking to Koreans, successfully onboarding several Korean node operators to Rocket Pool. Currently, I respond to Rocket Pool-related questions in the Korean staking community, provide technical support to node operators in need, and share major news about Rocket Pool with them. Additionally, I translated and promoted Japer’s LST-related paper into Korean and received grant for this effort.

Additional Information

I would be happy to take any opportunity to contribute to the Rocket Pool protocol and community as much as I can. However, due to my primary occupation, the extent of my contributions may be limited.



I’m Phil, in Discord and Farcaster I got the tag philcares, and I have been serving as IMC member for the last term. Frankly, it was a pretty good experience. Many highly knowledgable RP members are part of the IMC team, we had/have a great working ethos, and I learned a lot about web3 protocols. The workload was/is okay, having in mind that Val really carries the group and its tasks. I have quite some respect for what he does and accomplishes.
My main focus was to hold true to ethereum´s and RP´s values, e.g. by voting against using BSC, and to keep the IMC´s scope simple. I favor having strong partnerships and simple, good communication as well as steadiness over squeezing the last bits of efficiency. At the end of the day I mainly tried/try to be an active signer and to respond whenever needed.

Alignment Statement

I am now a member of Rocketpool since May 2020. That´s four years, crazy how the time flies and dunno how many points I already recieved by reading Darcius medium posts.
I am holding RPL ever since. And I´m quite active on discord. Next to RPL, Im also holding ETH.
Im aligned with RP and Ethereum due to its values of decentralization, permissionless nature and commitment to open-source. I think RP´biggest strength is the pDAO + vast amount of node operators.

Conflict Statement

Im not holding any other tokens, nor am I involved with other protocols than stated above.

Identity Statement

I´m Phil, 30 years and energy/CFD engineer. I now work as a full-time investor. I´d like to stay pseudoanonymous but am also happy to answer any questions about me when necessary.

Contribution Statement

I answered that mostly above. I wanna add here that I would like to dive more into TG chats/BD if time allows it.

I certainly think there are people who would be more active/involved and maybe more steering, and definitely more knowledgeable. But with what I can do, I am looking forward to serve another term on the IMC!